I Found Myself Pregnant After Becoming An Omega 13


Chapter 13: Unread private messages


Xie Yu Xing stared at Ji Yu in a daze, "Then can this prove that little Yu Zhou is He Zhou's biological child?"


Ji Yu shook his head hesitantly: "I don't know. Can a child distinguish between parental and non-parental pheromone from birth?"


Xie Yu Xing: "I have never heard of this."


Ji Yu took out his mobile phone and searched it.


The online encyclopedia basically said the same thing as the doctor, that pheromone-deficient children need the pheromones of their missing parent. However, there is no mention of whether this so-called "parent" is simply one that the child recognizes, or the actual biological parent.


"What if little Yu Zhou's attachment to He Zhou is just based on nestling complex?" 1


Ji Yu raised his eyes and said seriously, "Can you guarantee that everything you’ve just said are objective facts?"


The original Ji Yu didn't leave any information, and He Zhou didn't reveal anything either.


All the stories are told by Xie Yu Xing, and Xie Yu Xing is a good friend of the original Ji Yu. Thus, he would be subjectively biased towards the original Ji Yu. Not to mention, nostalgia can beautify memories over time. It is easy to perceive the memory of a good friend who has passed away with rose-colored glasses.


Xie Yu Xing thought for a while, and finally shook his head and said, "No, I also just heard it from the original Ji Yu.


He has always been alone, very quiet, and seldom takes the initiative to talk about himself. I have known him for almost five years, and yet I have never been to his house even once. I only know that his house is very poor.


In fact, I was present at the bar that day. Later after he was sent out, he couldn't endure it and told me."


Ji Yu nodded and said nothing.


Xie Yu Xing raised his beer glass.


Ji Yu also raised his glass and clinked. For a while, the room became quiet.


Despite how delicious the crawfish was, at this moment, the two of them ate slowly.


After a while, Xie Yu Xing spoke again: "What are your plans for the future?"


Ji Yu: "Focus on my study while raising the child with both hands.2 Then make an appointment to remove the mark from my body. As for the rest, we’ll talk about it after high school graduation."


"What about the original Ji Yu?"


Ji Yu raised his eyes: "What about him?"


Xie Yu Xing blinked: "The matter between him, little Yu Zhou, and He Zhou."


Ji Yu: "..."


Ji Yu: "No. Nobody told me that I had to avenge him or fulfill his wish after I take over his body. He, himself, didn't write any suicide note either.


He may have wanted to marry He Zhou and enter the door of He's family, but I don't. I'll study hard and apply to Qingbei University. Wouldn’t it be enough just to raise Ji Yu’s child well?”


Xie Yu Xing was stunned.


Ji Yu said: "Then what do you think I should do? The paternity test has already been done twice, and Ji Yu had even personally monitored it. Should I try to make He Zhou to take a third paternity test?


Things are already like that, and it's already over. Why do you continue to bother others? Now I have the house, the money, and I also like little Yu Zhou.


I have a nanny to take to care of him when I’m away. Compared with normal people, the only thing he’s missing is a dad. He Zhou doesn’t seem to be very fatherly anyway, so...just let little Yu Zhou feel wronged for a little bit and I’ll raise him as a widow."


After thinking about his word choice, he added, "Well, I can't really call myself a widow. I now have a mother's body and a father's heart. I can be both a father and a mother for little Yu Zhou, and give him double the love."


Xie Yu Xing was stunned: "Brother..."


Ji Yu: "Huh?"


Xie Yu Xing stared, and gave Ji Yu a thumbs up: "It's so free and easy to be you."


As he spoke, Xie Yu Xing raised his glass and said, "Come on, cheers! That is to say, if you already have money, a house, freedom, and children, what else do you want? Maybe an Alpha to serve you? For you to use as a breeding tool? Come on, cheers!"


There was also a smile on Ji Yu's face: "Cheers!" 3


The two reached a consensus, and the atmosphere immediately became lively.


The next topic was much more casual. Since Ji Yu will be studying at this school for one year, he must understand the situation inside the school, so not as to make a mistake. 4


Xie Yu Xing sorted out all the various relationships in the school, and, while speaking, opened up the campus forum on his phone, and handed it to Ji Yu.


"Let's see, in the forum, both you and He Zhou are referred to as ‘that person’, ‘them’, ‘you-know-who’, etc. Your business is taboo, and if anyone dares to mention either of your names, the post will be deleted."


Ji Yu took a look at it, and clicked on the current most popular post. As soon as he entered the chat room, he saw a big blurry picture that was evidently taken at night.


He has no impression of this picture. However, judging from the clothes of the tall man, and Xie Yu Xing, who was walking next to him, it is not difficult to guess that the person being held in a very lustful posture was Ji Yu, himself. The tall man, naturally, was He Zhou.


"He sent me back last night?"


Xie Yu Xing nodded: "Yeah."


"Oh." Ji Yu slides down the post and found that all the comments were anonymous, "Is this an anonymous forum?"


"Not necessarily. The forum’s database is linked with information of all the students from our school, so you have to log in with your student ID. After which, you can choose to post anonymously or to use your real identity."


Probably because the system has their real names, even if the posts are anonymous, the quality of the students’ speech is quite high. Certain ‘excessive’ words are always expressed in abbreviations, such as [nmsl, ydcgs, mjy, zgbr, etc.], which makes it more difficult for Ji Yu to read content.


"Are they all scolding me?"


Ji Yu said as he slides further down, "It's really so much online violence, a swarm of violent psychos."


Xie Yu Xing sneered: "It's just a group of executioners." 5


Ji Yu was not excited at all. He took out his mobile phone very calmly and searched the same forum: "What is Ji Yu's account password?"


"The account username is the student registration number, and the password is the ID number."


Ji Yu is very good with numbers, and remembered all the information after reading them once.


He input the login, and then show his phone to Xie Yu Xing and asked about how to post, "Not anonymous, I want to post it under my real name."


"It needs to be change under Settings."




Three minutes later, a non-anonymous post landed on the Long Cheng No. 1 High School Forum.


The post was made by Ji Yu, the infamous and blackened figure on all the campus forum, and the subject of the post was He Zhou, the other famous figure with countless admirers.


    [Post Title: Thank you @HeZhou for sending me home last night.]


    [Main Message: RT, thank you very much @HeZhou for sending me home last night. The smell on your body was pretty good. What kind of perfume is it? I want to buy the same style]


The two names appeared together, and there was an immediate explosive effect!


The post instantly became bright red, and the ‘HOT’ flame symbol appeared at the end of the title, instantly occupying the first position on the homepage! The number of replies has also skyrocketed, reaching 99 within a short while.


    [1st floor: The fuck? Is this showing off???]


    [2nd floor: This one came out to make trouble for no reason?!!!] 6


    [3rd floor: WTF! This green tea is really green! Madame bitch, my god, a bitch to the max!] 7


    [4th floor: No, I can't do homework anymore, where is this chicken? I will bring a cage to catch him now!]


    [5th floor: Upstairs, take me :)]


    [6th floor: Catch the chicken and give me a piece.]


    [7th floor: I will go too.]


    [8th floor: Hahahahaha he didn't even come to ask for leave today.]





Ji Yu scanned his post: "Is today Friday? Are they not in class?"


"It's noon, they’re probably at lunch break."


"No wonder."


Ji Yu became more and more happy as he looked at his post, "I just made this gentle first post, establishing what and where ah, and yet see how they’re all so excited."


Xie Yu Xing didn’t reply and just looked at Ji Yu silently.


Although both the original Ji Yu and this Ji Yu have the same appearance, the same identity, and even the same situation, the change in their souls has caused them to become completely different people with completely different ways of living.


It really is different from person to person.


In front of the current Ji Yu, the thorny obstacles that had blocked the previous "Ji Yu" seemed to have all become smooth.


Ji Yu didn't notice Xie Yu Xing's gaze. He was looking at his phone and shaking his head disgustedly: "Isn’t this too shameful? Their ability to resist peer pressure is too weak?"


Xie Yu Xing said, "Didn't you say that you won’t provoke He Zhou anymore? Is this not good?"


"What I said was not to post anything crooked. Normal interpersonal communication is still okay. Besides, this will not hinder anything. I’m just talking to him clearly and confirming that he really bit me. Moreover, he still needs to help little Yu Zhou, so I still have to go find him eventually." Ji Yu casually put his phone back on the table, and continued to peel more crawfish.


After peeling for a while, Ji Yu raised his head and looked at Xie Yu Xing suspiciously, "Why are you looking at me? Eat."


Xie Yu Xing smiled: "It's nothing. I just can't help but think that if he had let it go sooner, he would have been fine."


Ji Yu was silent. He reached out and patted Xie Yu Xing on the shoulder.


"I'm fine."


Xie Yu Xing held up his beer glass, arched his eyebrows and said, "It's nice to meet you."


"If you are happy, then stop talking and eat more." Ji Yu clinked glasses and pushed a pot of crawfish in front of Xie Yu Xing.




Ji Yu's cell phone rang out suddenly.


He stretched his head and glanced at it, but saw no new text message: "Huh?"


Xie Yu Xing lean over: "It should be your special post that made the notification, well, here."


Ji Yu wiped his finger and opened the forum’s message page.


Sure enough, there is an extra bracket next to 99+ new messages, which says [special attention message].


Ji Yu didn't want to open the message yet, when the page instantly jumped back to the post he had sent, and a reply appeared in the middle of the screen:


    [Floor 276, <He Zhou>: @JiYu, Come to 607, Building 1, Alpha Accommodation Area, and get the perfume yourself.]






Fei Qiu took a deep breath and turned to look at He Zhou next to him, "Brother, are you with Ji Yu again?"


"No." He Zhou closed his eyes and poured the half-empty bottle of mineral water on his head.


He has just finished a game and is steaming all over.


The water soaks his hair and slides along the neck into the shirt. The thin basketball shirt is clings to the chest, vaguely outlining the perfect chest muscle lines. The wide basketball uniform can't cover those long limbs, and all the places exposed from the clothes are smooth and filled with explosive muscles.


"Then why did you reply to his post and even give him perfume?"


He Zhou opened the water bottle again, and said casually: "What's wrong with giving him perfume?"


"Very ambiguous."


"Is it?"


The phone shook, and He Zhou looked down. It was Ji Yu who responded to him.


    [298th floor <Ji Yu>: Okay, give me the most convenient way to find your contact information, @HeZhou]


    [299th floor <He Zhou>: @JiYu, read your private messages.]


He Zhou originally wanted to DM over his private phone number, but he suddenly thought of something in the middle of typing, and deleted it. Instead, he gave Ji Yu his WeChat account info.


On the side, Fei Qiu saw it all. He was a young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. After staring, his eyes became even bigger: "You are an Alpha, he is an Omega."


He Zhou squinted at him: "So?"


Fei Qiu was puzzled: "...So, what else could you mean? An Alpha giving a gift to an Omega in a showy ‘I-to-you, you-to-me’ kind of way, especially in front the entire forum to see. Isn’t that tantamount to flirting? And he is deliberately teasing you. Even I can see it, can’t you?"


"Teasing me?"


He Zhou's lips curled as he remembered the childish threats made by Ji Yu last night, "He wants to kill me, same difference.”





1)      Nestling complex: when young newborn animals imprints and regard the first creature it sees as its own parent.

2)      两手抓 (lit. grasp something with both hands): to work hard toward a united goal/firm resolution.

3)      干杯 (ganbei, lit. dry cup): to drink a toast/cheers. The author actually uses (gan) by itself, which could also mean to ‘do it’, ie. JY agrees to XYX’s comments. It’s open to interpretation.

4)      省的再出什么乌龙 (lit. omitting another occurrence of wulong/oolong): The author uses 乌龙 (oolong) which is the same as in oolong tea, the traditional beverage. However, that doesn’t make sense, and, as far as I know, oolong tea is not a slang. Fortunately, there is another meaning, deriving from Cantonese, that means ‘shooting at one’s own goal’ (think soccer) or a ‘self-inflicted mistake’.

5)      刽子手 (guìzishǒu) means executioner/hangman. It’s an ancient term to refers to those whose profession is to end the lives of prisoner. Nowadays, it refers to murderers, the minion of a villain, or even just those who are cruel and evil.

6)      作妖了 (zuoyaole; lit. make demon): northeastern dialect; making trouble for no reason. Also used in online games.

7)      太太太婊了吧我的天,婊出天际! (lit. madam bitch/whore, omg, a bitch out of the sky): “Out of the sky” doesn’t sounds optimal in English, so I translated as ‘to the max’. Also, I’m assuming you know what a ‘green tea bitch’ is. If not, lookup urban dictionary. Boy, this was fun to translate…


Lyrus: Detective Ji Yu, please work hard for your baby. Also, XYX is strangely strong. He's just calmly have lunch with a foreign creature from god-knows-where that took over his best friend's body...

Thanks for reading.


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